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Memnon Tours is a privately owned independent travel agent which has steadily grown since 1974 into becoming a leading travel agent in Egypt. Memnon Tours is a specialized tour operator, creating packages all around Egypt, Incentive, Classical Tours, professional conferences and sport tourism. Memnon Tours is a fully licensed travel agent, member of the Egyptian Travel Agents Association.

Memnon Tours provides a full range of travel services including meet & assist, sightseeing Tours and hotel reservation. Our success is built on providing the best possible customer service at all times. Our highly motivated workforce is committed in providing a reliable, efficient service backed with quality & professionalism.

Since the Egyptian ministry of tourism decided to reopen the 14 nights Nile Cruise route between Cairo & Aswan which was stopped for the past 16 years, Memnon tours is proud to announce it's successful one held on August 24th 2012.This journey will continue for the next 3 months first as a trial, and then it will go on after confirming its success.    

Memnon Packages

We would like to offer our clients the most comfortable and stress free vacation possible. When you come on holiday this is one of the most important details.After a tiring flight, what is more enjoyable than to just relax and let our team indulge you. After your first nights good sleep, you will be fully refreshed & ready to enjoy your adventure, milling through the crowds of Cairo & the souks, visiting the Pyramids & the Museum.

Then of course when you have seen most of the Cairo sights don’t forget there is a whole other world throughout the country, from temples in Upper Egypt, the beautiful desert dunes and of course the beaches and sea life. View Packages

Memnon Golf

Golfing in Egypt is completely different from anywhere else. The only place in the World, that you can play golf in the morning & visit one of its wonders, the Pyramids, in the afternoon.

The Egyptian Golf experience includes the best climate for outside activities and has the advantage of 365 ‘tee –off’ days in the year.
Worldwide Golf surveys the scene of Egypt’s wealth of well established golf courses plus the fast increasing number of new developments. ...

Nile Cruise

Enjoy the endless pleasure of the magnificent Nile Cruise on board one of our cruise ships.
All cruise ships are 5 stars deluxe and designed, constructed and operating according to the latest international standards of Lloyd’s Register. Capture the classic romance of the Nile while traveling with Memnon Cruises throughout the heart of the land of the Pharaohs, using the same magnificent highway they traveled, when they were making history. ...

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